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About Us

Department Intro
    The 5-year certificate program “Department of Medical Technology”, the predecessor of our current School, was established in the pioneering stage of our university in 1968. This Department was promoted as an undergraduate program and renamed as “School of Medical Technology” to offer a Bachelor of Science degree in 1979. More than 3,000 well- trained and educated students have graduated from our department and devoted themselves in laboratory medicine, biomedical research, biotechnology corporations and life science-related industries during the past 4 decades. Therefore, our department has dedicated and contributed a lot in training, cultivating and providing professional medical technologists and related specialists. The education in our department originally aimed at the training and cultivating of clinical medical technologists and professionals in basic medicine research; however, we have adapted and extended the developmental objectives to the field of biotechnology and biomedicine to catch up the rapid advances of technology and enrich our teaching as well as research resources.
    Because the clinical medical laboratory techniques has been renovated and redirected from traditional physical and chemical tests to high-tech methodology, the coordination of responding to current trend and commanding the future growth in biotechnology are our educational and developmental goals in near future. Meanwhile, amending the current educational program, cultivating second specialty of our students and fully developing their potentials so as to promote their competitive advantages, increase the choices of their career as well as to improve the cost-effectiveness of the educational investment for resolving the imbalance between supplies and needs in the human resources of medical technologists are also our future objectives. Accordingly, Program in Biotechnology was introduced and established in our department since 2002.
    In addition, the Master Program of our school was initiated in 2006. The goals of our Master Program are to provide advanced education and training of biomedical laboratory R & D talents for graduates from life sciences and biotechnology-related departments. Hopefully, the expertise and resources could be integrated and consolidated to implement the goals of our departmental development and growth to fit the needs of future trends through the establishment of this Program.