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Overall, our department maintains a strong commitment to provide innovative teaching curriculum as well as to develop novel and advanced research. Institute of Medical Laboratory and Biotechnology was set up in 2006, and started to enroll students in 2007. This Institute has provided the most optimal training program for students majored in medical technology on the basis of outstanding achievements in teaching and research of our faculty. Number of graduated students enrolled in the Institute had gradually increased to meet the substantial needs of clinical medical technology and our development. Besides, our department also actively participates in the establishment of “Center of Teaching Resources for Molecular Laboratory and Bioinfomatics” in our College to build the interdisciplinary learning environment for our students and promote our teaching quality and quantity simultaneously. We are very confident that, based on the great efforts and outstanding achievements of our faculty, the department would further apply our good traditional characteristics to develop an advanced education and research center in the professions of medical technology under the solid support of our university.